It’s a new year and a great time to plan new ways to create unique, healthy and special memories together. And, what better way than sharing a fun and brand new cooking experience? With Pacific Living’s Outdoor Pizza Oven, the opportunities for this are truly endless. But, let’s focus on pizzas for starters. How creative can you get and how much fun is it to make these together with your kids, friends or other loved ones?

Sure, with kids, it takes a little more time, patience and cleaning (of counters, faces and clothes, usually!) but the benefits are undeniable. Here’s what one article says:

“Encouraging kids to try healthier foods isn’t the only benefit of cooking as a family. Among the recommendations in a recent American Heart Association report on overweight in children and teens were:

Reducing the number of meals eaten outside the home.
Having structured times for family meals.
Offering healthier, low-calorie foods.
Involving children in meal planning, shopping, and food preparation.”

So, why wait? Start making plans now and make this a new year of not only enjoying cooking together but savoring the meals you create, the memories and the healthy benefits, too!