2014 Resolution #3: Cook Healthier Outdoors

One of our proud pizza oven owners was sharing the other day about how he uses the Pacific Living Outdoor Pizza Oven to help him with his 2014 resolution of eating healthier. It starts, of course, with cooking healthier, and what he shared was simple, but, maybe, simply revolutionary…

We often think that eating healthy requires a lot of intense activity, with chopping left and right, pots boiling, pans sliding in and out at just the right time, etc. Well, here’s a simple way to cut down on time and still create a healthy and delicious meal.

The tip our friend passed on is this: one pan, one oven = one delicious meal. So, you marinate your meat early, if you want. You cut your veggies and marinate them early in the day, too, if you want. But, let’s say you don’t have time for that. You rush out the door and on returning home from work that evening, you face the big question we all love to face: How do I make something good, fast and healthy, and without collapsing in the process?

Here’s the answer. Put your meat, poultry or fish in the same pan with your veggies, adding whatever marinade or seasoning you’d like (and making sure it’s a casserole dish or pan with depth!) you cover it, place it in your preheated pizza oven, and walk away! It’s that easy.

Everything cooks well together, the juices seeping in and tenderizing, so the result is something fast, easy, yet delicious and, best of all, healthy for you! Let us help you continue your new year’s resolution of eating healthy. Check out the recipes we have on our blog already, and keep checking back for more to come! Happy, healthy cooking!