Bring Fresh-Baked Joy and More this Christmas!

What will the gift of a Pacific Living Outdoor Pizza Oven bring, you ask? For starters, how about an elegant style added to your outdoor living space that serves as a wonderful center-piece and conversation starter? And, the best part? Fire it up easily, and pop in some pizzas, cookies, bread, you name it, and suddenly, no one’s talking because they’re happily enjoying the fresh-baked joy our oven brings! The list goes on, so . . .

Here’s our Top Ten List of Reasons to Give this Year:
10. It really is the coolest-looking pizza oven out there.
9. Creating a little neighborhood envy isn’t such a bad thing!
8. You’ll look like a master outdoor chef, even though it’s so easy to use! (No one has to know just how easy!)
7. It’s much better than a sweater.
6. It cooks up delicious food and treats year-round.
5. It’s so simple to install, you can use it Christmas Day!
4. Three oven racks for triple-threat cooking!
3. Your pizza crust will be the talk of the town.
2. You will win the “most thoughtful gift” award, hands-down.
1. Nothing warms the heart like the gift of a Pacific Living Outdoor Pizza Oven!

Any more reasons you’d like to add, just chime in! Whatever your reasons, though, we’re sure you’ll bring holiday joy like never before when you give the gift of a Pacific Living Outdoor Pizza Oven! Merry Christmas, and enjoy!