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SteakBurger Stuffed Potatoes Our friend and crash test dummy Robin was coming for dinner and it was raining. We wanted to do a “Rainy Day Recipe”, something quick, delicious and kid friendly. So, when our nephews come for dinner, we’ll be ready. You can make everything ahead of time and just pop it in the […]

Philly Mac & Cheese Patti was born & raised in Philadelphia, so she knows something about cheese steaks. Ken was born in Texas so he knows something about big beef. We were both craving comfort food and macaroni and cheese fills the bill. But, not with the shaved meat you get in Philly cheese steaks. […]

To add to our grill collection, we now proudly have a Pacific Living Pizza Oven. Patti promises to let me use it once in a while. She has a whole list of yummy dishes she wants to make on it. Tonight is an extra meaty quiche. This recipe makes two. Next week Patti is making […]

We both wanted pizza and take out is so yesterday now that we have our Pacific Living Pizza Oven. Of course, we couldn’t decide what kind, Patti wanted bacon cheeseburger and Ken wanted Philly cheese steak, so we had both. Being we can make hot, fresh pizza at home the combination of possibilities are endless. […]