Chicken Turkey Duck

Garlicky Faux Fried Chicken Legs We love fried chicken, but not drowned in oil. So we made Garlicky Faux Fried Chicken Legs baked with the help of our Pacific Living Outdoor Oven. Instead of the usual egg wash Patti added some of our smoked garlic grilling sauce to the beaten egg. Fantastic, plus the mayonnaise […]

Caesar Marinated, Chicken Leg Quarters, recipe

Caesar Marinated Chicken Leg Quarters It’s been a long day, plus 97 degrees of dry heat. But, we still have to have dinner. Thanks to our Pacific Living Outdoor Oven we made an easy three ingredient dinner and kept the kitchen cool. We love doing recipes with “on hand” ingredients and served with cold sliced […]

Almond Crusted Chicken We love chicken legs and we wanted to do something a little special. Using Ken’s antique nut crusher we got from his Grandmother we crushed some whole, raw almonds and used them for a crunchy coating for our whole chicken legs. Patti used panko bread crumbs seasoned just right with Chef of […]

Easy & Elegant Chicken Alfredo We love chicken not just because the price is always right and there’s so many great ways to fix it. Next week we’re having some very special friends over for dinner. We always enjoy having Jim & Debbie over because they always love what we fix. Patti wanted to fix […]

Curried Chicken Thighs with Fried Rice This is Patti’s take on oven fried chicken with a Thai twist. Our thanks to Chef of the Future Coconut Curry Rub. We served it over box fried rice made a little more interesting with a few added ingredients. We loved using our Pacific Living Outdoor Oven being it’s […]

Bourbon Street Chicken

Bourbon Street Chicken We were gifted with some really nice bourbon. We don’t drink it, unless we’re in New Orleans, where it’s a rule, so we decided to cook with some. Like wine if it’s good enough to drink, it’s just right to use in cooking. Patti’s favorite part of the chicken is dark meat […]

Mom’s Favorite Stuffed Chicken To honor Ken’s beloved Mom this Mother’s Day Patti came up with this recipe for her favorite food: chicken. To make it the very best we used Zaycon Fresh chicken breasts and stuffed this succulent chicken with some of our leftover Zaycon Fresh ham. A win-win of all natural, MSG and […]

Chicken Fingers Patti’s girlfriend Susie was having the grandkids over after school and needed a snack. The kids loved fast food especially chicken nuggets. Patti said she could do it better without the frying and chemicals in fast food. Zaycon Fresh chicken breasts were a must. All natural, top quality chicken breasts always cook up […]

Caprese Stuffed Chicken Caprese is a fancy name for the combination of mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil. We’ve had it several times as a salad. When we got our huge chicken breasts from Zaycon Foods, Patti just had to stuff them with these goodies. Ken loves sun dried tomatoes and Patti loves the fresh basil […]

Chicken Mushroom Piccata We wanted something quick, easy and a little elegant. Chicken breasts from Zaycon Foods is all natural, boneless, skinless, delicious and so big that two halves makes a perfect meal with guaranteed leftovers for the next day. With just a few more ingredients we had a dinner special enough for company. Using […]