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Chicken Turkey Duck

Goat Cheese Stuffed Game Hens Usually we prepare a recipe because we found a nice hunk of meat or some fish that looks good and we plan our recipe around it. Today we built our recipe around finding some fresh goat cheese from Todd and Nicole, owners of Erd Ranch. We know it was fresh […]

Date Night Doins BBQ For Two

Cheesy Chicken Pie It’s the perfect time of year for fresh vegetables from the Murrieta Farmer’s Market. So, this Sunday we made some extra BBQ’d smoked chicken just for this recipe. Some folks call this a pot pie, but we used one of our favorite Lodge cast iron Dutch ovens from start to finish. So, […]

Garlic Lovers Chicken Chicken was on sale this week and Patti found a beauty, it was over 7lbs. so we had plenty left over for an awesome spontaneous picnic the next day with cold chicken. The sauce was simple with lots of flavor. Ken especially loved the 40 or so cloves of garlic. The longer […]

Ken said when I came up with this recipe I was having one of my gourmet moments. LOL. It is really simple to make and beautiful to serve with a fresh and easy mushroom sauce with just a kiss of pecan smoke. We have new neighbors, Robert & Martha, and they were happy to be […]

Barbequing lots of goodies at the Murrieta Farmer’s Market on Sundays Patti made sure we had lots of chicken so we’d have leftovers for some Smoky Chicken Enchiladas. Of course, if we sold out, as we often do, it would still be a win-win. But, we wanted smoked chicken for these awesome chicken enchiladas. The […]

I have wanted BBQ Chicken pizza for some time now thinking about it. We haven’t had one in over a year now. So, we BBQed an extra chicken at the Murrieta Farmer’s Market just for our pizza. But, you don’t have to make your own. For a time saver meal you can use leftovers you […]

We had some friends dropping by for dinner and we wanted to do something simple and quick. So we made an easy chipotle orange BBQ sauce with only 4 Ingredients. We put a split chicken in the Pacific Living Pizza Oven for about an hour with pecan smoke and had a dinner that impressed our […]

Ready for the big game this Sunday? Here’s a simple recipe for a Super Bowl favorite you can cook outdoors! Just fire up your Pacific Living Outdoor Pizza Oven and let’s get to it! Serves: 6 to 8 / Preparation time: 15 minutes / Total time: 30 minutes to an hour What you’ll need: 4 […]