Off the Grill

Mickey’s Mac & Cheese, outdoor kitchen, recipe

Mickey’s Mac & Cheese Mickey’s Mac & Cheese was made in honor of our dear friends Mickey & Fred’s anniversary. It was super easy with a base of jar Alfredo sauce, plus lots of cheese and frozen thawed broccoli for color and to make it healthy. Then, Patti added chopped bacon because everything is better […]

Garlicky Faux Fried Chicken Legs We love fried chicken, but not drowned in oil. So we made Garlicky Faux Fried Chicken Legs baked with the help of our Pacific Living Outdoor Oven. Instead of the usual egg wash Patti added some of our smoked garlic grilling sauce to the beaten egg. Fantastic, plus the mayonnaise […]

Crab Brunch Au Gratin, out door, cooking, recipe

Crab Brunch Au Gratin Crab Brunch Au Gratin, Patti wanted to grow up to be, among other things, one of the “ladies that lunch” and being she’s such a great cook the ladies are frequently at our house. This casserole contained lots and lots of fake crab (but you can use real if you prefer) […]

Extra Cheesy Mac & Cheese, pacific living, recipe

Extra Cheesy Mac & Cheese Ken loves mac & cheese as long as it’s extra cheesy. He calls it the ooey gooey factor. Plus, our cold smoked cheese makes it even better. Patti invited her lovely friend Harriett over for lunch to try this new recipe. To make it a little fun she made it […]

Southwestern Cabbage Rolls, wood pellet, recipe

Southwestern Cabbage Rolls Patti’s family emigrated from Eastern Europe and she had fond memories of these cabbage rolls that were called one thing in German and another in Polish. But, Ken being from Texas we made them a little zippier. Patti made them extra easy using an instant brown rice, bottled tomato sauce and some […]

Sloppy Joan Bake It’s cold and rainy here and Patti wanted comfort food. Ken loves potato nuggets, so instead of making his sloppy Joe’s on hamburger buns Patti made one of her famous casseroles using hot sausage instead of ground beef. This one can be really versatile. To make it extra hot use hot sausage […]

Hammy Mac & Cheese

Hammy Mac & Cheese We got an emergency phone call from friends who had a lot of leftover Christmas ham and needed an easy recipe for Sunday brunch. We made them a quick, easy, kid friendly recipe that they could double and make the night before. They wanted it mild so we used diced canned […]

Blue Cheeseburger Meatloaf, outdoor cooking, recipe

Blue Cheeseburger Meatloaf With all this blustery weather we’ve been requested (a lot) to make a big savory meatloaf. Patti loves cooking with blue cheese because of its unique flavor, Ken just wanted hearty and beefy. He loved it and of course can’t wait for his cold meatloaf sandwiches for days to come. Plus, we […]

Italian Sausage Mac & Cheese It’s amazing how many recipe requests we get for macaroni & cheese. That’s fine with us, it’s quick, easy and has unlimited variations. We used Ken’s favorite hot Italian sausage along with lots of his cold smoked cheddar and Patti insisted on fresh broccoli to keep it healthy. Being it […]

Three Cheese Potato Pie We love to make big meat, but we’ve gotten a lot of requests for sides we can make inside in the oven. Happily we have our Pacific Living Outdoor Oven. The weather has been in the triple digits here, so we made a yummy potato casserole without heating up our kitchen. […]