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Off the Grill

Hot & Saucy Stuffed Sweet Peppers We got some pretty sweet peppers and Ken wanted them spicy, too. So Patti stuffed them with spicy, hot sausage and Spanish rice made with spicy hot V8 juice instead of water. Cooking them on our Pacific Living Outdoor Oven we knew they would be baked right, because it […]

Smoked Ham & Swiss Strata One of the many things we love about the Zaycon Fresh boneless ham, besides being really lean and filler free is all the great things we can do with the leftovers. So far we’ve had lots of ham for omelets and sandwiches, plus lots of Patti’s famous casseroles. This one […]

St. Patti’s Roll Up We are always trying to think outside of the box. So, for St. Patrick’s Day we came up with an untraditional traditional meal. Sounds like us: traditional in an untraditional way…and loving it! We did a roll up with corned beef and cabbage our way. Sometimes the best meals are quick […]

Shredded Beef Nachos It was movie night at the Fisher’s and we wanted a meaty treat. Of course, lots of beef made it hearty and our Pacific Living Outdoor Oven made it easy and guaranteed delicious. When you cook on your Pacific Living Outdoor Oven you know it will come out just right because it […]

Italian Monkey Bread Serious sports fan friends of ours are making pasta for the big game. They’re calling it the “Spaghetti Bowl”. Sorry I couldn’t get the sauce recipe; they say it’s a family secret. They wanted something different than plain old garlic bread and Patti came up with this. This is easy to fix […]

Just Ducky Breakfast Bowls At our Murrieta Farmer’s Market we got some pretty, sweet peppers, onions and a special treat from Erd Ranch: fresh duck eggs. Duck eggs are especially creamy and these beauties were extra large. Thanks Todd & Nicole! We love breakfast for dinner and this had all your favorite breakfast goodies: eggs, […]

SteakBurger Stuffed Potatoes Our friend and crash test dummy Robin was coming for dinner and it was raining. We wanted to do a “Rainy Day Recipe”, something quick, delicious and kid friendly. So, when our nephews come for dinner, we’ll be ready. You can make everything ahead of time and just pop it in the […]

Three Cheese Zucchini Bake We lucked out at the Murrieta Farmer’s Market. They have fresh, firm zucchini and Vivian of Drake Farms had fresh parmesan-reggiano cheese. So, we made a yummy side dish that would also be great if we added cooked, drained sausage, ground beef and/or chopped crisp bacon for a perfectly delicious and […]

Easy Smoky Chili & Corn Bread With the cooler weather here we’ve wanted to do a good pot of thick and hearty chili. I saw Brad Woods recipe for his and it got me to thinking tonight’s the night. I normally do chili from scratch, even grinding my own chili peppers. But, this sounded simple […]

Chili Brats Casserole We wanted something hearty, quick and easy, plus nice and spicy for a chilly evening. It was a really busy day and we were having friends with kids on the way. Using our Pacific Living Outdoor Oven we can keep it warm until we’re all ready to eat because it keeps and […]