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Bourbon Street Chicken

Bourbon Street Chicken We were gifted with some really nice bourbon. We don’t drink it, unless we’re in New Orleans, where it’s a rule, so we decided to cook with some. Like wine if it’s good enough to drink, it’s just right to use in cooking. Patti’s favorite part of the chicken is dark meat […]

Nuts For Banana Bread We wanted something extra nice with our morning coffee. Patti noticed we had some really ripe bananas and had an “aha” moment. While Ken slept in Patti whipped up a quick banana bread filled and topped with lots of pecans. To make it a little lighter she used applesauce instead of […]

Fiery Cowboy Pizza Ken wanted a really spicy, meaty pizza and the best way to make it was with some leftover “Fiery Chuck Roast” and lots of shredded pepper jack cheese that we cold smoked last week. We used enchilada sauce instead of tomato sauce to continue our south of the border flavor and ready […]

Kitchen Sink Brownies Patti was having some of her Ladies’ Group coming over for lunch. They wanted a cool, crisp healthy salad…followed by a decadent, very chocolaty dessert. To make it easy Patti used a package brownie mix with lots of mix-ins. The girls just wanted a sliver of the browning, huge slivers. LOL! It […]

Three Cheese Potato Pie We love to make big meat, but we’ve gotten a lot of requests for sides we can make inside in the oven. Happily we have our Pacific Living Outdoor Oven. The weather has been in the triple digits here, so we made a yummy potato casserole without heating up our kitchen. […]

Hot & Saucy Stuffed Sweet Peppers We got some pretty sweet peppers and Ken wanted them spicy, too. So Patti stuffed them with spicy, hot sausage and Spanish rice made with spicy hot V8 juice instead of water. Cooking them on our Pacific Living Outdoor Oven we knew they would be baked right, because it […]

Potluck Cheeseburger Mac

Potluck Cheeseburger Mac We were invited to a potluck at our community center and asked what we should bring. The resounding vote was: meat! Spending the afternoon with our friends and neighbors is always fun and we wanted to do something everyone would love. Zaycon Fresh to the rescue. We mixed lots of their super […]

Mom’s Favorite Stuffed Chicken To honor Ken’s beloved Mom this Mother’s Day Patti came up with this recipe for her favorite food: chicken. To make it the very best we used Zaycon Fresh chicken breasts and stuffed this succulent chicken with some of our leftover Zaycon Fresh ham. A win-win of all natural, MSG and […]

Smoked Ham & Swiss Strata One of the many things we love about the Zaycon Fresh boneless ham, besides being really lean and filler free is all the great things we can do with the leftovers. So far we’ve had lots of ham for omelets and sandwiches, plus lots of Patti’s famous casseroles. This one […]

Radical Short Ribs We found some beef short ribs on sale and that was all we needed to make our mouth water. Patti picked up 3 pounds of them and the rest is delicious history. Thinking we would do a long braise with a bit of a Hawaiian twist with crushed pineapple and Dr. Pepper […]