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Crab Brunch Au Gratin Crab Brunch Au Gratin, Patti wanted to grow up to be, among other things, one of the “ladies that lunch” and being she’s such a great cook the ladies are frequently at our house. This casserole contained lots and lots of fake crab (but you can use real if you prefer) […]

Teriyaki Shrimp and Rice While Patti was at Church last Sunday friends of our called to say they’d be in the neighborhood. Ken, of course, invited them for lunch and told Patti when she got home. So, she went into overdrive to find the makings of a nice brunch. With the help of frozen shrimp […]

Baked Shrimp Scampi Ken wanted something quick, but delicious and Patti wanted something easy and a bit elegant. After all it was our date night! Plus, with the Lenten season we wanted something non-meat. This was perfect with lots of shrimp in butter, lemon and garlic sauce with just a hint of Dijon mustard. Making […]

We get a lot of requests for fish recipes. Ken is a meat and potatoes guy. Swordfish has a meaty texture so it was a win-win. Patti came up with a teriyaki marinade with crushed pineapple. It was healthy, easy, meaty and delicious. We served it with a side of rice made with chicken broth […]

On our Pacific Living Pizza Oven we have done easy and wonderful desserts, appetizers, veggies, casseroles and main dishes. Tonight we decided to do something different…we did pizza. But, not just any pizza, though pepperoni is a personal favorite of Ken, we did a gourmet pizza with fresh shrimp, gruyere cheese and Alfredo sauce. It […]

At our home Italian food isn’t just spaghetti and meatballs and on our Pacific Living Pizza Oven isn’t just for pizza. It’s so versatile! Though we used lasagna noodles Patti combined lobster and shrimp in a cream sauce with fresh veggies from our Murrieta Farmer’s Market. This was an excellent date night dinner with just […]