Mickey’s Mac & Cheese, outdoor kitchen, recipe

Mickey’s Mac & Cheese Mickey’s Mac & Cheese was made in honor of our dear friends Mickey & Fred’s anniversary. It was super easy with a base of jar Alfredo sauce, plus lots of cheese and frozen thawed broccoli for color and to make it healthy. Then, Patti added chopped bacon because everything is better […]

Extra Cheesy Mac & Cheese, pacific living, recipe

Extra Cheesy Mac & Cheese Ken loves mac & cheese as long as it’s extra cheesy. He calls it the ooey gooey factor. Plus, our cold smoked cheese makes it even better. Patti invited her lovely friend Harriett over for lunch to try this new recipe. To make it a little fun she made it […]

Fiesta Broccoli Bake One of the things we love about our Pacific Living Outdoor Oven is that while Ken is smoking his meat, Patti is making her sides next to him. Plus, we always use the smoke box for even more great flavor. Ken loved the crunchy topping. We love cooking outdoors rain or shine […]

Three Cheese Zucchini Bake We lucked out at the Murrieta Farmer’s Market. They have fresh, firm zucchini and Vivian of Drake Farms had fresh parmesan-reggiano cheese. So, we made a yummy side dish that would also be great if we added cooked, drained sausage, ground beef and/or chopped crisp bacon for a perfectly delicious and […]

Candied Butternut Squash We’ve been getting a lot of requests for something that isn’t sweet potatoes, but something equally sweet and healthy. Linda Engle of Engle Farms at the Murrieta Farmer’s Market to the rescue! Butternut squash from Linda and the recipe she gave us looks a lot like sweet potatoes and candied perfectly. Now […]

Our Favorite Mac & Cheese This is one of our favorite recipes for macaroni and cheese because it’s creamy and delicious just the way it is. But, it makes a great start to adding leftover chicken, seafood and/ or veggies. We had some leftover broccoli we added this time. Patti loves to add mushrooms sautéed […]

Scalloped Potatoes and Ham

Scalloped Potatoes and Ham This was a great, homey, comfort food recipe. We love ham because there’s so many ways to use the leftovers…and there’s always leftovers. We’re having a potluck at our community center and this is sure to be a hit. It would also work great as an after Church brunch. You can […]

We wanted to start our date night with something special and “test drive” a recipe for our Easter dinner. This was perfect. The brie was stuffed with fresh spinach (thank you Murrieta Farmer’s Market) maple bacon and just a bit of garlic wrapped in crescent roll dough. Very rich, creamy and easy. Ken wanted it […]

Ken was experimenting with a short rib recipe and wanted a really good side dish to go with it. Patti had some leftover mashed potatoes and an idea. She made what her grandmother called a kugel or pudding using potatoes. It puffed up beautifully brown in our Pacific Living Pizza oven. Ken is definitely a […]

We had a Memorial Day party at our clubhouse. So, of course, they called the “Barbecue Master”. Patti wonders if that makes her the BBQ Mistress or BBQ Madam? Ken made tons of chicken quarters and his famous ribs. We had 4 different pellet grills going and our Pacific Living Outdoor Oven doing the baked […]