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One of Ken’s favorite meals is to throw a hunk of meat on the grill. Patti specializes on sides. Tonight was cheesy potatoes on our Pacific Living Pizza Oven…so much more than just for awesome pizza. Plus, we were honored to cook dinner for our newly married friends Cliff & Katie Volz who started their […]

Ready for the big game this Sunday? Here’s a simple recipe for a Super Bowl favorite you can cook outdoors! Just fire up your Pacific Living Outdoor Pizza Oven and let’s get to it! Serves: 6 to 8 / Preparation time: 15 minutes / Total time: 30 minutes to an hour What you’ll need: 4 […]

Our pizza oven cooks up some mean roasted potatoes the kids go crazy for. They love how crispy the oven makes them. Here’s all you need: – 2 lbs. red potatoes – olive oil – sea salt (optional) – fresh rosemary Here’s what you do: 1. Set the outdoor pizza oven to high – let […]