SteakBurger Stuffed Potatoes

Our friend and crash test dummy Robin was coming for dinner and it was raining. We wanted to do a “Rainy Day Recipe”, something quick, delicious and kid friendly. So, when our nephews come for dinner, we’ll be ready. You can make everything ahead of time and just pop it in the oven or grill until hot.

Huwa Reserve, our friends and sponsor sends us premium quality natural beef from their ranch in Colorado, sent us some of their SteakBurgers. Not just ground beef, but lean, juicy ground steak. You can really see and taste the difference.

Patti and I have set one night a week just for us. It’s our date night. We usually put something special on our Pacific Living Outdoor Oven but sometimes we cook inside. We always eat outside on our patio where it is very comfortable with a rainforest theme. Wood pellet patio heater, little lights, candles, lanterns and surround sound. We enjoy a little wine, or strawberry margaritas using frozen strawberries for ice, good food, music and sometimes a dance or two…

SteakBurger Stuffed Potatoes
A Rainy Day Recipe

Prep Time: 20 minutes, plus baking the potatoes
Cook Time: 35 minutes
@ 350 Degrees (177c)
Grill: Pacific Living Outdoor Oven
Pellets: Lumberjack Oak

Ingredients: SteakBurger Stuffed Potatoes

  • 3lbs. Huwa Reserve Ground SteakBurger
  • 2 cups sweet onion, chopped
  • 2 teaspoons Feiny’s Rubs, Original
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 ½ lb. can Manwich type sauce
  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • 4 large baking size potatoes, baked or micro waved until soft
  • 2 cups Colby-Jack cheese, shredded
  • ½ cup Country Bob’s All Purpose Seasoning Sauce

Lookin’ Good

SteakBurger Stuffed Potatoes
A Rainy Day Recipe

Directions: SteakBurger Stuffed Potatoes

In a large cast iron skillet sauté onion in butter. Add meat and continue cooking until meat is no longer pink. Drain. Add seasonings and sauces and blend thoroughly. Cut a slit down center of potato and squeeze ends until you have a center pocket. Spoon in filling, piling high, then sprinkle on cheese. Bake for 35 minutes at 350 Degrees (177c).

Ready For Stuffen

If you have leftover meat mixture you can use it for taco or burrito filling. Patti liked it mixed in with scrambled eggs. Ken liked it the next day on hamburger buns, Sloppy Joe’s…

Add Filling and Pile on the Cheese

Cooking Directions: Pacific Living Outdoor Oven

Cooking in the Pacific Living Outdoor Oven is a snap. If you are going to use the smoke box fill it up first with either wood chips or pellets. I like Lumberjack pellets because there are so many different kinds and low ash. (Easy clean up.)

Turn on the propane tank. Open the oven door so you can see and hear when the burner lights. Turn the control knob to the high position and hold it in. At this time press the igniter button. You’ll be able to hear and see the burner light. Continue to hold the control knob for about 10 seconds for the burner to get hot.

Close the door and preheat the oven to your desired temp. You may have to adjust it up or down until you reach your temperature. But, once you hit it the oven will hold it. Bake for 35 minutes @ 350 Degrees (177c).

Note: The bottom stone and it gets “HOT” so you need to stay right with it or you will burn what your are cooking. I only use heavy cast iron or baking dishes here. For most things I have found that it is better to use the middle shelf. You can use a stone here or not depending on your cook.

Let’s Eat

About Our Recipes

We do our recipes on our patio where we have a lineup of grills, including Louisiana, Green Mountain, Memphis, Royall, Traeger pellet grills, Char Griller side box smoker, Saber, Charmglow, Char-Broil, The Big Easy, Pacific Living Pizza Oven, Lodge Sportsman’s, Brinkman and Weber. I call it our “Wall of Grill”. Our grilling styles are healthy and low fat and will fit pelletheads, gas, natural wood and even charcoal purists. Almost any of our recipes can be done on any kind of good BBQ.

The important thing to keep in mind is TIME & TEMPERATURE. You can even do some of them in the oven or crock pot, but, then you lose all the flavors you get from cooking outdoors. But sometimes it does rain.

Remember that a recipe is simply an outline; it is not written in stone. Don’t be afraid to make changes to suit your taste. Take it and run with it….

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